past events
2014.03.12 ICSV Up-Date
  ICS VIETNAM is now on operation” was published by “Weekly Vetter” on 19th Feb.
2013.07.03 ICS VIETNAM Completion Ceremony
  Many people were attended to our harmonious ceremony
2013.06.01 Finish construction at Hai Duong city VIETNAM
  We look forward to hearing from you
  ICS VIETNAM, a Japanese company available to offer a reliable and well experienced
“ Heat Treatment management technology “ and “ Quality Assurance system “,
was established in Vietnam. We started operations from 2013. Our factory is located
at Tan Truong IZ (Hai Duong city) along the Route 5. Our technical staffs will work closely
with each customer for solving the problems and requirements peculiar to the Heat Treatment technology.
  For more Information and details Two Japanese engineers are ready at any time

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