ICS-VN currently use eight kinds of combination materials for conducting Brazing. These are selected by its use and
physical property of metal. For those joint products, we implement some examination such as leak detection(0.7hPa),
optical microscope inspection, and more. The Brazing process will be administrated under the gHigh-Quality Assurance
Unable to process with one parts
If total expense for material and processing costs piles up for
  processing one parts
When the parts are too thin to perform welding
When joining cupper and its kind,a metal hard to deal with welding
When want to joint many parts at once
When want to minimize deformation than welding
We mainly perform Brazing inside the furnace
  (Vacuum FurnaceEAtmosphere Furnace.)
No use of flax inside the furnace
It is possible to perform composite treatment for the jointed metal parts
Large-ksmalllsized 900W ~1400L ~ 760H(February 2014)
Jointing of dissimilar metals
Non-oxidation treatment, cut time for post-processing
Type Melting temperature range
Solder 70Ž`400Ž
Gold tin bond 280Ž
Silver bond 515Ž`880Ž

Phosphor bond

Palladium bond 810Ž`1235Ž
Nickel bond 875Ž`1135Ž
Gold bond 895Ž`1030Ž
Copper bond 1083Ž
This magnified picture shows
a junction of composition surface
that bonded Cupper and Stainless
with Silver solder.
  @For those joined products, we implement some examination written below to
@ensure the product quality.
Leak detection
  by adding pressure(0.7hPa duration time) using He
  observation using optical microscope and SEM , EDS components analysis
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